Jk Stone

The Inspiring Journey of JK Stone:
Crafting Legacies from Natural Beauty

JK Stone began in 1992 with a clear and robust goal: to explore the untapped potential of the natural stone market. The company was founded by a determined young entrepreneur with limited resources but an unwavering drive and it has grown to become a leading supplier of beautiful natural stones.
At 16, the founder started his journey by mining local sandstone. But he had bigger dreams and aspirations. One day, he found a magazine at a railway station that changed his life. Inside, he discovered a webinar that taught him how to expand export operations. This discovery sparked a new path of growth that he pursued with relentless effort.
The early years were challenging, with language barriers and a lack of formal education making things tough. Nevertheless, driven by an unshakeable desire for success, he exported his first container of stone flooring in 2002 with the help of a Pakistani agent. Over the next four years, he learned and improved, gradually establishing a presence in the European market.
In 2006, he entrusted the company to his brother due to family responsibilities and started a new venture from scratch. He explored new mining opportunities and tested products in the export market. However, the competition was tough, and success didn’t come easily.
In 2013, he discovered the potential of wall claddings. JK Stone invested in a modern factory across 8 acres of land to expand its product range. With two decades of unwavering effort, the company rose to become the top stone supplier in the state. Today, JK Stone is a prominent supplier for government projects and various private ventures nationwide, promoting the use of natural stones in different applications.
Beyond business achievements, JK Stone believes in giving back to society. The founder is involved in various social works, selflessly helping strangers with their problems. His compassionate nature ensures that no one in need leaves without a smile.
With a dedicated workforce of over 75 employees, some of whom have been with the company for 15+ years, JK Stone exemplifies the importance of employee loyalty and mutual growth.
Furthermore, JK Stone offers a diverse range of premium natural stone products, including exquisite Natural Wall Cladding, elegant Mosaic, durable Cobble Stones, stunning Natural Stone Pavings, reliable Wallings, charming Circles, and durable Steps and Palisades. With a legacy rooted in passion, determination, and social impact, JK Stone is a leading supplier of beautiful natural stones.
JK Stone’s success is a living example of the human spirit, where passion, determination, and social impact come together to create an inspiring legacy that touches the world.