Jk Stone

A Journey Reimagined:
Changing in the Face of Trouble

In 1992, a remarkable trip began in the heart of the natural stone business. JK Stone was started by a young entrepreneur who was determined and driven to find the secret gems in the natural stone market. What started as a small business has grown into a thriving company that is a leading source of beautiful natural stones that are used to decorate places all over the world.

Embracing Dreams: How JK Stone Got Started
At the young age of 16, the founder Mr. Jeetesh Kumar Jain began an unusual trip by mining sandstone in the area. But his dreams were bigger than what was around him. At a train stop, he found a magazine that changed his life. This was a turning point. Inside its pages, he found a conference that would help him grow his export business. This new information lit a fire in him and made him want to keep growing.

A Journey Reimagined: Changing in the Face of Trouble

In 2006, the company’s founder Mr. Jeetesh had to focus on his family, so he gave the business to his brother and went on a new journey. His new goal was to find new mining opportunities and get his products on the export market. But it wasn’t easy to win, because the competition was so tough and required so much work.

The Age of Wall Claddings: A Time of Revealing Potential

In 2013, JK Stone reached a turning point that changed its life. The company saw that wall claddings had a lot of promise, so they put money into a modern factory that covers 8 acres of land. This risky move gave the company a wider range of products and solidified its position as an industry leader. After twenty years of hard work, JK Stone has become the most important stone dealer in the state.